A Truth?

The greatest enemy of the human is truth, for truth hardly wants to be heard and in a herd like mentality the people plod on as the truth gets trampled to ground in their collective shadow.  With hypocrisy, lies, thefts and dystopian dreams abundant in the echolons of natures’ purple power brigade, those silver spoon fed priveleged puppets, how can humility ever be aired?  It’s the critical thinkers ~v~ the not so criticals nowadays with some of the best critical thinkers unable to get a word in due to the calamitous fog of parliamentary breath belching a one way narrative.  Alas this awful stink is causing critical thinkers to recoil – where is the friendly ear to hear the truth?  Many ears are waxing the proverbial lyrical of their masters, they’re duly turning totally uncritical, indeed subservient in their lowest form of vibration – fear.  Hark though, there is an extra reality to consider – a real superfast threat to your right for freedom.  Consider reason and logic -v- conditioning, programming, disconnection from nature via washing hypnotic cognitive behaviour.  Overpowered in so many ways, truth can see ‘overpowering’ working in a myriad of ways, transient and tangent levels of which being easily lost within the cloak and dagger of our biggest enemy.  Or is it a community of enemies?  Weakness? Fear? Coercion? Surrender? Selling individual freedom down the line in the name of ‘doing good’ for the community… the yarn spiralling, spreading, snatching and snaring the youngest of our upcoming generation until a way back, a way out becomes non-existent.  There is no way out of the purple grip of power, unless of course you hold it, in your heart, your mind, your hands, for the good of all.

#Thus, avoid the relinquishing of your power.  Those who do, forgot about truth.


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