A Truth?

The greatest enemy of the human is truth, truth doesn’t always want to be heard and in a herd like mentality the people plod on and truth gets lost in their shadow.  With hypocrisy and lies abundant in the echolons of nature’s ‘non-element’ purple high power (critical) -v- versus the not so critical, almost likely to be totally uncritical, indeed subservient in their own lowest form of vibration – through fear, become an extra reality to consider – a threat to your right for freedom.  Consider reason and logic -v- conditioning, programming, disconnection from : via hypnotic cognitive behaviour.  Overpowered in so many ways, overpowering works in a myriad of ways, levels of which easily lost and so where lies the biggest enemy?  Weakness? Fear? Selling freedom down the line is a non-existent way out.  There is no way out of the hold of power, unless of course you hold it yourself, which, is of course a good thing. Thus, do not relinquish your power. Ever. Those who do forgot about truth.

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